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Snapchat Teams Up With New York Fashion Week

See How Ugly Your Clothes Are In Ten Second Bursts

A few weeks ago, Snapchat introduced a new and exciting feature: Our Story. Our Story’s concept is pretty simple - it enables any users present at a same event to share their pictures and videos onto a live stream. On its Tumblr, Snapchat announced that they wanted “to build something that offered a community perspective- lots of different points of view.” From letting users share stories with their friends, to creating live event feeds, Snapchat is taking a step towards potentially monetizing itself.

After the success of Electric Daisy Carnival, this week users were able to watch New York Fashion Week snaps. Users present at specific fashion week events were able to add their own snaps to a Snapchat story, and Snapchat then went through all the pictures and videos that had been sent and chose only the best to be sent to all its users.These users were able to witness short videos of the fashion shows, exclusive behind the scenes images as well as celebrity selfies.

snapchat new york fashion week

Minder Gives You Extra Control Over Your Content

Your Work Becomes Your Work

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably been subjected to the long tail theory at some point in your time online. If you’ve uploaded a picture to Pinterest, a comment on a news story or a status to your Facebook wall, you’ll be familiar with the concept that once something is on the internet, it stays there. That forum comment you thought had been long forgotten (you know the one)? It still sits dormant, waiting patiently to be dredged up by an adept Google-pro and used against you.

Cyberspace, much like my childhood games of stuck in the mud, lives by the law of no takesies backsies.


Nigerian President Attacked For Insensitive Hashtag Campaign

No Luck For Would-Be Viral Campaigners

Making the occasional misstep in the world of social media is usually forgivable; to err is human, as is to tweet. But there’s a difference between accidentally putting your crush’s name as your Facebook status when you meant to search for them and conducting an entire political campaign based around parodying the plight of hundreds of kidnapped girls and women.

Goodluck Jonathan has been president of Nigeria since 2010, when he succeeded the deceased President Umaru Yar’Adua – elections held the next year saw Jonathan declared the victor with 59% of the votes. In April of this year over 300 girls were abducted from a school in Nigeria by militant terrorist group Boko Haram, who planned to sell the girls into sex slavery for approximately $12 each.



Angry Reaction To Sunday Telegraph's Scottish Independence Headline

Twitter Reacts To Newspaper's Insensitive Front Page

Ahead of Thursday’s vote on Scottish independence, The Sunday Telegraph has drawn criticism from Scottish voters (and non-Scots) over the newspaper’s final front cover before the decision is made over the UK’s future. Social media was, as ever, quick to retort to the incendiary headline; the outcome of Thursday’s vote may still be up in the air, but the general consensus on Twitter in reaction to the front page was one of clear cut disdain.

anger at telegraph headline

Twitter: Save Time, Know More, Stay Current

How To Use Twitter To Build Your Brand

Launched in March of 2006, Twitter is a social media success story. On average, users now post more than 500 million tweets daily. Moreover, the use of hashtags (#) allows the grouping of similarly-themed tweets, meaning you can easily find and follow topics of interest.

twitter for business

5 Million Gmail Accounts Leaked. Kinda.

Your Details Almost Definitely Aren't Not Unsafe, Probably

Great news if you’re a fan of having your account details shared: it’s happened again. Sort of.

According to reports early yesterday morning, millions of Gmail usernames and passwords had been leaked by mysterious, shady folks on Russian hacking forums. And while the most surprising thing to me is that hacking forums are actually a real thing (though their users probably experience fewer car chases and romantic escapades than Hollywood would lead us to believe), it’s pretty worrying just how lackadaisical companies seem to be with our personal details.


Hipster Emojis – Can It Get Any Worse?

Clog Up Your Storage Space With Some Pictures Of Starbucks Coffee And Ray Bans

Fixie bike? Flat white? Preposterous 1920’s moustache? If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be interested in a new app, Hipmoji. ‘Unleash your inner hipster’ says the tag line, in what is presumably meant to be an enticing offer. Created by Californian web development company Cookies & Milk (the most hipster of snacks), the new hipster-themed emoji service could be the best/worst app - delete as appropriate - to hit smartphones since Butt-o-meter.

hipster emojis