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Starbucks Announces Order Ahead App

You For Coffee?

We all have one annoying friend who posts pictures of his or her misspelled name on their Starbucks cup. It does get to a point where you wonder if people mispronounce their names on purpose just to get a few likes on social media. Well things are about to change: Starbucks are now testing an order ahead app in Portland. Your name will no longer be written by a barista, but printed off and stuck on your coffee. No more awkwardly spelled names clogging up your news feed!
If you are lucky enough to be living in Portland and own an iPhone, you'll be able to test out digitally ordering your cup of coffee. The app is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is place your order, select the Starbucks closest to you and the app will let you know when your coffee will be ready for pick up. Unlike other digital ordering services such as Dominoes, you cannot choose the time you want your order to be ready. The best way to use the app, it seems, will be to digitally order on the go. Once you reach your destination, your delicious drink should be waiting for you.

This new app could boost sales for Starbucks, attracting new customers with an easy and quick way to pay. No one has time to wait in line at Starbucks anymore, and app users will even be able to pay using their Starbucks card without having to look for spare change. The app users will only have to wait 5 minutes before picking up their drink, potentially attracting users who are pressed for time. The world is going faster and faster and now we no longer have time for human interaction.
Of course, there is a downside to this brand new app: it cuts down human interaction to the minimum. And that seems to be the way our society is going; using social media to have conversations instead of face to face interactions. Now, even Starbucks is going to be denying us awkward small talk with the individuals making us coffee.

Furthermore, some people argue that Starbucks employees misspelling names may actually be a positive thing for Starbucks. They don't need any advertisements when they have thousands of people sharing pictures of their products on Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. Their order ahead app could end up reducing the number of people sharing their Starbucks experience.

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What Google's "Pigeon" Update Means for Small Businesses

SEO Becomes Localised

The Pigeon has landed! But to hear Google talk about it, you wouldn’t know. In fact, they didn’t even name it, instead it swooped in at night, unannounced, in a very un-pigeonlike way. Usually they’re not so sneaky. Nevertheless, despite its stealthy nature, the good people at Search Engine Land quickly named it “Pigeon” for its focus on local search results. Google promised that the update would bring these local search results into better alignment with standard organic search results.

google pigeon

Social Media’s Impact On Journalism

Faith Lost In Mainstream Media

Journalism has changed dramatically over the last few years, and this is all down to technological advances and social media’s power. The inclusion of smartphones and social networks in society means it has become more difficult for journalists to break through into the industry, due to the nature of how information is spread.

social media journalism

Twitter Begins War On passwords

The Smooth Way To Get Someone's Digits

Straight after the invention of the PC, somebody realised that these big, complicated hunks of sand and binary needed a way to block access from unwanted parties. First, they experimented with keyboards that gave fatal electric shocks to people with different fingerprints to the computer's owner (I may have just made this up). Fifteen deaths and seventeen lawsuits later, someone came up with a much simpler solution: to access a computer and its files, people would need to input a user-defined set of keys - much like knowing the combination to a safe.

twitter digits


BBC Use Whatsapp For Ebola Updates

The Best Way To Spread Ebola Info?

The BBC has decided to take a completely different approach to delivering news worldwide. A well-known broadcasting company, the BBC has television channels, an app, a website and many more outlets to deliver the breaking news to you. It will now also use Whatsapp, which was recently purchased by Facebook, to deliver news about the Ebola outbreak.
ebola virus mask

Socialmaps Is A Stalker's Dream

The Modern Way To Gatecrash

If there’s one thing my real world acquaintances and online friends have in common, it’s that they never, ever want to see me in real life. Since the dawn of the internet, this has been a relatively simple process: they just refuse to tell me where they are. Luckily for me, an upcoming social media app will stop it being their choice.

Allow me to introduce Socialmaps.
socialmaps logo

Whisper, Not As Anonymous As It Seems

Say It Quietly, But...

While most social media networks now ask you a load of personal questions, forcing you to reveal all sorts of details about your life, Whisper has a significantly different approach. Whisper lets you post intimate details about your life, from hating your step-mother to more serious posts about sexual and even physical abuse. The sort of thing you wouldn't post on your Facebook and Twitter; details about your life that you want to stay hidden.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the popular app does not demand usernames or real identities and creates a safe place for you to post your deepest and darkest secrets. Michael Hayward, founder and CEO of Whisper has even gone so far as call the app: "the safest place on the internet". While Whisper has already received some backlash for enabling cyber-bullying, the Guardian has revealed an even darker side to the social media network.
whisper secret