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Play To Cure: Genes in Space

Evolution Of Cures: A Cancer Research UK Study Of Social Awareness

Mobile apps are being used more and more in healthcare for diagnostics, to raise awareness of symptoms and to help patients manage conditions. Now you can play a game on your smart phone to help cure cancer – it might sound too good to be true, but Cancer Research UK has launched an app that does just that. Not only is the app raising awareness through social interaction, it is helping scientists to research faulty genes.

cancer research uk

Facebook Launches VIP App

Behind The Velvet Rope, A New And Better Facebook Awaits

Facebook has launched the Mentions app, a Facebook affiliated social network with one barrier to entry: you have to be famous.

The app is designed for ‘actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers’ (presumably including social media bloggers) to communicate with their fans and with each other without having to deal with the constant pressure that having a public Facebook profile entails or the relative distance which an official page implies.

facebook mentions

Generation Z Dominate Social Media

Social Media Marketers Tap Into Generation Z Potential

Generation Z were the lab rats for the rise and development of social media. Thrown into the unknown, murky world of online interactions the post-2000 generation has been shaped by the digital age in which they grew up – even millennials (the slightly older demographic born between the 1980s and 1990s) lived a portion of their lives in which the internet, mobile phones and social networking were still slightly foreign concepts. But for the youngest amongst us, social media has made them digital-savvy entrepreneurs before they’re old enough to order a pint.

social media generation z

Foursquare Data Incorporated Into Microsoft's Cortana Software

Check-In App Finds New Home

Microsoft have integrated Foursquare’s location technology and database into Cortana, the voice-activated aspect of Windows Phones along the lines of Siri or Google Now. Microsoft invested $15 million in Foursquare earlier this year, and this move can be seen as a step towards an even closer partnership between the two companies.

microsoft cortana


Is Facebook Too Big To Fail?

Ex-Myspace strategist warns of Facebook's future

Facebook is the undeniable giant of social media, seemingly to have been in existence for all living memory and infiltrated the most intimate corners of our personal lives on and off the web. But it’s not so long ago that all the talk focused on another social media giant, and we all know what happened to Myspace.


Long Overdue FCA Policy Renewal On The Table

Financial Sector May Finally Have Chance To Engage With Social Media

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is expected to release new guidelines concerning financial sector marketing on social media next month, following pressure at the Social Media Leadership Forum (SMLF) held recently in London.

At the SMLF, London’s major financial players expressed their reluctance to invest in British social media marketing due to antiquated and unclear regulations which, if not adhered to, could result in a fine being administered to those firms who do fall foul of existing rules.

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