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Prince Harry Is Not A Fan Of Social Media

Spike Wells does not approve

In an extraordinary contradiction Prince Harry has confessed that he can’t abide using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, whilst attending a school program where he was encouraging children to do just that. During the program he also revealed that he used to dabble in Facebook, and that his secret pseudonym used to be “Spike Wells.”

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Search For Missing Pensioner Gathers Steam

#FindArthur trends globally as the search for missing man continues

It hasn't been that long since the hashtag search #FindGareth began to trend all over Twitter. Celebs and people all around the world were seen to be getting behind the campaign in the hope he would be found.We haven't heard much more about missing Gareth since when he was reported missing months ago, however what was clear was that the idea of spreading the word hashtag-style worked wonders for the cause.

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MH17 Disaster Exploited By Scammers

False Memorial Pages Divert Mourners To Porn

The crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, already an event mourned internationally by those both close to those involved and by sympathetic observers, has been hijacked by scammers and hackers seeking to exploit the disaster for commercial gain.

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Pinterest

How to market with Pinterest

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What is it

Pinterest is an image-based social networking site. It allows users to create online image collages (pinboards), and share these collages with others. As a visual discovery tool, Pinners collate a plethora of visual inspirations and personal mood boards.

The Royal Prince Turns 1

Social media abuzz for Prince George's first birthday

It's shocking to think it's been a whole year since the world and their wives were all celebrating the birth of the new Prince George and 1 year later, social media is again abuzz with birthday celebrations under the official hashtag #HappyBirthdayPrinceGeorge.

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Facebook Acquires Video Advertising Start-Up LiveRail

They Know What Users Want, Now To Sell It To Them

Facebook has acquired LiveRail, a start-up which develops ways for companies to focus video ads on their sites more directly to consumers. As the largest platform for the publishing of video adverts across a variety of sites, delivering over seven billion targeted video ads every month, the purchase of LiveRail marks a definitive move on Facebook’s part to further monetise the growing capacity of mobile devices in particular to integrate video into users’ News Feeds.

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Social Media Manipulation Continues

GCHQ Catalogue of Exploit Tools

Edward Snowden may still be seeking refuge in Russia, but the revelations from his whistle blowing continue to roll in, with new surprises surrounding social media and international intelligence services.

At the beginning of the year, government spy agency GCHQ ordered senior editors at the Guardian to destroy the newspaper’s computers holding encrypted files and information leaked by Ed Snowden to the press outlet. Despite this heavy-handed warning from the government, last week the Guardian continued to publish information linked to the Snowden files.

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