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Will Ello Take Over Facebook?

Ello, Ello!

For people who are tired of Facebook ads, there is a new social media network that announces itself as totally ad-free. It's called Ello, It was created as a response to the big social media websites, riddled with ads and who don't care about their users privacy or how they use their data. When Ello was created, Facebook was under fire for forcing the LGBT community to use their 'real' names. Ello, on the other hand, let's you use whatever name you choose to identify with.

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Facebook: More Populated Than China

Ad Revenue Soars To Scary-High Levels

Facebook is taking over the world.

Although I've used this as a cheap joke in the past, the level of hyperbole associated with the phrase is decreasing by the day. For example, the site just made some new figures public for its shareholders, and the numbers are pretty terrifying. 1.35 billion people sign onto Facebook at least once a month; 864 million log in daily. These have combined to boost Facebook's ad revenue by 64 per cent in the third quarter of 2014 alone. Overall, this accounts to a total profit of $806m - a 90 per cent increase when compared to this time last year.

If these figures don't sound like much, let's put them in perspective: if Facebook was a country, it would be about as big as China. And China, in case your geography isn't as impressive as mine, ain't no one-horse town.
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Samaritan Launches Twitter App To Help Prevent Suicides

Samaritan Making Good Use Of Social Media

Suicide prevention charity, Samaritan, has announced the launch of a new app, developed with Twitter, called Radar. The aim of this app is to notify users if one of their Twitter followers is displaying signs that they may be depressed and need help. This app is Samaritan's first step towards a digital approach when offering its support to people who need it and actively preventing suicides.

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Does Social Media Mean The End Of Face-to-Face Interaction?

Pessimistic Babycakes at it again

A London-based photographer, Babycakes Romero, has taken upon himself to document 'the death of real-life conversation'. His black and white photographs eerily shows people glued to their smart phones, not looking at each other. The world and especially the media have taken this to mean that we are shying away from real-life interaction, preferring the comfort of our smart phones and online interactions. But does the growth of smart phone and social media usage really mean the end of face-to-face interaction?

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Taco Bell Kills Its Social Media Presence

Burrito On The Go!

The popular food chain Taco Bell has made an incredibly bold move in the hope that it grabs the attention of its social media fans. It wiped all trace of its social media existence, including 1.4 million Twitter followers, and all of its Facebook activity. This was to promote the chain’s new mobile app, where customers can now order food from their portable devices straight to their front doors.

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New App Helps You Buy Clothes That Actually Fit

That's Some Good Shirt

Getting a shirt that fits you perfectly is actually a lot harder than it seems. The world is rife with different people of different sizes, but most clothes shops only cater for one broad body type. If you're a man, shirts will fit you to some extent, but if you really want to look smart you have to go to a tailor. And that costs a lot of money. Mtailor have developed an app that will revolutionise how men shop for shirts.
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Organise Facebook Albums On The Go

21st Century Scrapbooking

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out a minor update to its iPhone and Android apps that will allow its users to reposition the order of photographs in their uploaded albums. When uploading multiple photos to a new album, you can now simply tap and drag your photos into whatever order you deem fit. When you hit upload, they'll remain in that order, and anyone who checks out the album full of your scantily clad holiday snaps will see them in the order of your choice

The feature has been available on PC for years, but it was impossible to prioritise the order of your snaps when on the go until yesterday. The update comes as no surprise due to Facebook's tweaks over the last few months regarding how we view albums on phones. Instead of the endless tiles we have become accustomed to over the years, Facebook have recently zoomed us all in a bit. This means we view fewer photos at once, making their order more of a priority. 
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