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Flourishing fake Social Media accounts take flight in the midst of the Malaysian Airline mystery

Social Media security

The disappearance of the Malaysian Airline MH370 is still unravelling like a novel on social media at present; there are route changes, absence of radar signals, and even questions behind the motives of both pilots, but still there is no conclusion to this mystery.

Malaysian Airlines MH370 social media

A song about social media! Great? No!

“Ode” to Social Media?

Social media is a force massive now, and people from all walks of life have to take it seriously, as it can genuinely change the world for the better. Well now there is an ode to social media in the form of a song, and it is possibly the worst thing ever created. The song is penned by Phil Mershon and performed at a social media conference by IT company employee Mary McCoy.

social media song


Steady flow of content is crucial in Social Media Marketing

Ways to improve your online presence

When it comes to social media marketing strategies, it is essential that you have a steady flow of information. This increases chances of a heavy online presence, and therefore leads to more success in the digital sphere. It allows customers to keep up to date with your movements in the business world, and also makes you easier to find on the internet.

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Spreading ideology via Social Media

Royal Australian Navy sailors sacked over racist posts

Everything that is written and posted on social media is there forever, and no matter how many times some people are told, they still never learn. This is the case for several members of the Royal Australian Navy, after they were dismissed for ‘inappropriate’ use of social media.

Royal Australian Navy Facebook racist posts

Social Media News - Pinterest gives businesses new way to track pins

Pinterest revamps pin tracking tools

With plenty of advancements in social media last week, including Twitter's new profile page change, it has also been announced that Pinterest will give businesses a new way to track their Pin links. The change will add support for Google Analytics UTM variables to allow businesses to look at their performance in the Google Analytics dashboard.

Pinterest for business


Social Media News - Twitter unveils new page design

Twitter continues its redesign

Big news this week in the social media world as Twitter rolls out its new profile page designs. Twitter are marketing the changes as “a whole new you” suggesting that this change will transform your whole life. The update will include new profile pages, and other new features to individual profiles. The company declares that the transformation will make self-expression on social network “even easier” and “more fun.”

Twitter new page design

Does the Government need tools to block false rumours on Social Media?

Digital Wildfires

It is a problem that crops up time and time again in the social media world, and that problem is false information. With the connectivity and speed of communication that networking sites offer, not only does it bring many positive outcomes, but also it allows some people to create fake accounts, and also spread rumours.

social media and false information