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3 Lessons Learned From Awful Branding Mistakes

Social Media Branding

A brand is the emotions that arise when a company or product is displayed to an audience, according to The most effective way to up a brand's impact is a great product paired with great service. Companies and agencies instead try to build the brand by branding: ads, social media and branded content. This approach can elevate brand awareness like Esurance's 3000 percent increase in Twitter followers after their post-Super Bowl spot or spawn a PR nightmare like the spectacular failures of Coke II and Crystal Pepsi. The branding decisions made today can affect a company's bottom line significantly. Learn from other's past mistakes and deliver results with informed branding decisions.


Love chocolate at Easter? (Infographic)

chocolate Easter Egg infographic

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Why you need to track user engagement across devices and social channels

Track your Social Media engagement

Q3 2011 and Q3 2013, website traffic from mobile devices increased by a total of 171 percent, according to the Walker Sands Mobile Traffic Report. This enormous rise in mobile traffic has led many businesses to overhaul their web design with an eye toward catering to mobile users. While this is an excellent first step, it is also the last step for many businesses. Your business needs to do more to improve the experience for users across devices, mobile included. Analytics can play an important role in understanding the access point and UX across devices.

track social media engagement

Starbucks serves up satanic symbols and causes a stir on Social Media

Have you checked your coffee cup?

What started off as a simple customer complaint in Louisiana, USA, has turned into another social media sensation. A barista drew satanic symbols in her coffee foam and has since apologised, but the internet is not willing to let this one go just yet.

Starbucks social media stir


Flourishing fake Social Media accounts take flight in the midst of the Malaysian Airline mystery

Social Media security

The disappearance of the Malaysian Airline MH370 is still unravelling like a novel on social media at present; there are route changes, absence of radar signals, and even questions behind the motives of both pilots, but still there is no conclusion to this mystery.

Malaysian Airlines MH370 social media

A song about social media! Great? No!

“Ode” to Social Media?

Social media is a force massive now, and people from all walks of life have to take it seriously, as it can genuinely change the world for the better. Well now there is an ode to social media in the form of a song, and it is possibly the worst thing ever created. The song is penned by Phil Mershon and performed at a social media conference by IT company employee Mary McCoy.

social media song


Steady flow of content is crucial in Social Media Marketing

Ways to improve your online presence

When it comes to social media marketing strategies, it is essential that you have a steady flow of information. This increases chances of a heavy online presence, and therefore leads to more success in the digital sphere. It allows customers to keep up to date with your movements in the business world, and also makes you easier to find on the internet.

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