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10 Must Have Social Media PR Tips

Boost your social media presence with these handy lessons inspired by hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black

Ever since the show began on Netflix in July 2013, it has become an internet sensation around the world and has gathered a huge social media following and in the meantime gaining Netflix a huge following and boosting its reputation as the hottest film and TV streaming service on the block.

Twitter's Lonely Hearts

Feeling Lonely? Turn To Twitter

The paradox of social media is that in its quest to unite and entwine people in the internet age it often renders the individual feeling more disconnected with both their online and offline realities. With the possibility of connecting with 232 million Twitter users, social media in theory offers a therapeutic outlet for the lonely hearts club, but a cry of self-pity is often lost amongst the chaos. The web offers a platform to share our most intimate thoughts with the widest audience, but in this hyper-reality often the overriding outcome is loneliness.

lonely twitter

Instagram Unveils New Photo Messaging Service Bolt

Limited Early Release For Snapchat Rival

Instagram has officially released their Snapchat competitor Bolt, although at the time of writing the new app is only available in Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand. Instagram says that it chose to roll out the new feature in these countries first because of their high rates of Instagram usage and generally close-knit communities – the perfect testing ground for a new social app.

bolt messaging app

Twitter Posts Impressive Q2 Report

Micro-Blogging Site Has More Money, More Users

Twitter released their second quarter earnings report yesterday, closely following Facebook’s own report earlier in the week. Just like Facebook, Twitter’s profitability has vastly increased over the last year – a fact which not only kept it at pace with its social networking rival but which also countered the expectations of many experts, who expected the site to lose a penny per share.

twitter shares

Stealth Advertising On Vine

Brands Get Sneaky With Vine

Vine is one of the largest, and only, social networks that maintains an ad-free status. You can’t pay to place your ads on the platform but this doesn’t mean that it’s free from subliminal messaging. Rather, it just means that big advertising companies are getting craftier with their marketing techniques.

vine advertising

West Africa Turns To Social Media To Help Fight Ebola

#EbolaFacts Goes Viral

West Africa has recently seen an outbreak of the Ebola virus, with a death toll estimated at about 670 and rising. With so much fear and misinformation circling among the population, citizens of affected to countries have turned to social media to gather more information on the virus.

Both facts about the disease itself and data on affected areas are being distributed on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #EbolaFacts in an effort to slow or halt the spread of the epidemic.

ebola twitter campaign


Social Media Etiquette Guide (Infographic)


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