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Speakalegend Is Siri For Kids

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Have you ever wanted to talk to have a conversation with your favorite fictional character? As a child I would have done anything to talk to Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, but that kind of technology had not been invented yet.

Oren Jacob and his business partner, Martin Reddy, used to work for Pixar before launching the interactive children's app SpeakaLegend. Children using this app can talk to a bunch of characters created for them, and these characters will also respond to the children's musings, much like Siri will reply to you when you ask her about the weather today. Except that children have a totally different way of communicating than adults, and so to make SpeakaLegend come to life Oren Jacob and Martin Reedy had to come up with a system that would understand the sometimes broken up speech of a small child.


Facebook’s Ads To Stalk You Through Cyberspace

Being Followed Online Gets Less Fun

Mark Zuckerberg has given a whole new meaning to the term ‘Facebook stalking'; it's now much more than just a guilty pleasure for those lonely Friday nights. As of Monday September 29th, Facebook is going to follow you around the internet to try and sell you content online. Its new marketing tool, Atlas, will look through your Facebook data to bring you customised adverts on mobile appselsewhere online and, of course, on Facebook itself.
facebook atlas

Let's Take A Squashie

Don't Be Chicken

After the No Makeup Selfie and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, another charity has taken to social media to raise awareness and attempt to make their campaign go viral. The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have challenged people to tweet a ‘squashie.' It’s like a selfie but with a lot more people.

rspca squashie

Zelda Williams Returns To Twitter

Late Comedian’s Daughter Reminds Us Of Social Networking’s Positive Side

The suicide of comedian Robin Williams was a tragedy that shook millions around the world. The news of his death, which should have been prevented, was terrible for so many reasons. While we would always grieve the loss of such a universally beloved man, the way in which he ended up leaving us made it all so much worse; the notion of a man whose job it had been to provide laughter and happiness to so many succumbing to suicide was horrific. It was also eye-opening.
zelda williams twitter


Bye Bye Orkut (Infographic)

Google Says Goodbye to its 1st Social Network

orkut social network

Twitter Used In MP Sting Operation

Brooks Newmark Accuses Sunday Mirror of Entrapment

Brooks Newmark is not the titular character of a Tesco own-brand James Bond spinoff. Instead, he’s the (now ex) Tory MP who has unwittingly become the centre of the Internet’s latest Twitter scandal. Last week, Newmark began chatting with an attractive girl online, who then encouraged him to send her explicit photographs of himself. Shortly after, he was resigning from his post as the MP for Braintree.

The girl, it transpired, was actually a freelance Sunday Mirror journalist by the name of Alex Wickham. Hands up if you didn't see that one coming.


Pinterest Increases Appeal To Marketers

Site Introduces Pin Tracking

Pinterest is already one of the most productive social networks for advertisers. Its enviable demographic of high-spending 25-34 year old women, the fact that the site has higher traffic referral percentages than many of the largest social media platforms combines, and its consumerist and aspirational ethos all combine into a perfect storm for marketing. Alongside Instagram, Pinterest is gaining attention for the ease with which attractive content can be displayed and distributed in contrast with the increasing difficulty of getting the word out on established networks like Facebook – and as everyone knows, when it comes to marketing on social media content is king.

To make life even easier for those advertisers, the site recently announced that it will be launching new conversion tracking and audience targeting features.

pinterest marketing