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Facebook Announces Growth In Profits

Zuckerberg Uses Record Revenue To Invest In The Future

Facebook announced its earnings for the second quarter of this year, recording an astonishing  138% rise in profits. Their revenue grew to $2.91 billion, with expenses of $1.52 billion – a net income of $791 million.

The source of this growth is particularly of interest, considering the ways in various social media platforms have been moving towards diversifying their revenue streams in recent months – Facebook included.

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Social Media Documentary A Sign Of The Times

Channel 4 takes TV to a new low

In order to create narrative in the year 2014 social media must be taken into account as it plays such a massive part in the lives of most people. Channel 4 have recognised the need for social media in modern day narrative, and have created a documentary called The Secret Life of Students.

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Google Rescinds Real Name Requirement

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Google has announced that Google+ users will no longer be obliged to attach their real names to their accounts, and concurrently YouTube commenters will once again have the option of posting their thoughts and opinions anonymously on the video sharing site.

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Facebook

How to market on Facebook

The introduction of a ‘Buy’ button to Facebook is transforming the site into a retail store with millions of daily visitors, as users can make purchases directly from ads without having to leave the social network. This also means that it’s as good a time as ever to get your business marketed on Facebook.

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Social Media Now A Part Of School Curriculum

OCR Includes Study Of Social Media In Sociology Course

Social media is to become a part of the school curriculum, following an announcement from the OCR Exam Board that it will take into account ‘how people are responding to the new rules of the digital global village.’ Students will now study and be tested on social media, online security and privacy, and the culture of selfies.

The decision applies to sixth form students studying Sociology for AS and A level, a combined number of around 80,000 students each year, and will take effect from September 2015.

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Sexual Harassment Suit At Tinder

Hot Or Not App In Hot Water

Harassment on social media is nothing new; the list of complaints by everyone from tweens to celebrities about the abuse they have received, often from strangers, is almost endless. Within that is a significant subset of sexual (usually misogynistic) abuse. On the other side are those using social media as a platform to fight such behaviour, such as the Turkish women who began a Twitter campaign against those men who invaded their personal space on public transport with the slogan “Stop spreading your legs. Don’t occupy my space.” Recently, however, the issue of sexual harassment has reached the very heart of one of the most popular new social apps, Tinder. Former vice-president of marketing for the company, Whitney Wolfe, has filed a harassment claim against the company describing a series of offences dating back to 2012.

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Twitter

How to market with Twitter

Twitter is a valuable and powerful tool for growing your business and brand, but it can require a delicate touch to get the most out of this fast-paced social platform. Here you will learn how best to utilise your 140 characters to ensure that you attract as many new customers as possible while also keeping engaged with your existing base.

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