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Facebook And Apple Will Pay For Their Female Employee's Eggs To Be Frozen

Tech Companies Trying To Attract More Female Workers

Apple and Facebook, along with  most tech companies, have a big gender imbalance. Apple reports that 70% of their employees are males and for Facebook it’s 69% male. In order to rectify this enormous imbalance, Facebook and Apple offer their female employees some advantages. Facebook will, for instance, give their employees having babies $4,000 in ‘baby cash’. Apple even covers up to $15,000 in fertility treatments. However, this hasn't been enough to attract more female employees and, in order to do so, Facebook and Apple will cover expenses for their female employees to have their eggs frozen.

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A Third Of Teenagers In The UK Meet ‘Social Media’ Friends In Person

Teenagers Taking Huge Risks Online

Despite many so-called experts declaring that it is impossible to verify the identity of anyone online, one third of 15 to 18-year-olds in the United Kingdom have met a person in real life that they have become acquainted with in the virtual life.

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Pay By Tweet Service Begins In France

Good News For Those French Bankers

French tech-lovers received some interesting news at a banking press conference in Paris on Tuesday (gutted I missed it). Group BPCE, apparently one of the larger banks in the land of the franc, took to the stage to announce a new service that allowed its customers to use Twitter to send money directly to their favourite conglomerates and friends (and enemies, I guess).

The service is already public, and comes in the form of a mobile app called S-Money.

While online money sharing services are a deutsche mark a dozen (wordplay that would work far better if this was relevant to Germany, so use your imagination), the interesting thing about paying by tweet is how public the process suddenly becomes; when you settle debts through Twitter, you're not just transferring money, but also broadcasting to your followers that you've shared it.
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Reddit's Moves Towards Growing Up

From Fappening To Frisco

Reddit has, from the outset, been a site guided and built by its community (or at least funny pictures of cats which its community has found around the web), and this kind of bottom-up content creation has been both a boon and a curse for the self-declared ‘front page of the internet.’ A couple of recent developments have served to reinforce this image, and hopefully to overcome the unpleasant aftertaste of the site’s role in the recent Fappening scandal.

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Facebook Will Tell Your Friends You Are Safe

The Safety Network

Inspired by Japan's 2011 tsunami, Facebook has released a new feature that aims to help people reconnect after natural disasters. The feature, named 'Safety Check',  will let you your friends and family know that you are safe if an natural disaster occurs in your area.

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Should We Control Our Children's Access To The Internet?

New Report Suggests Self-Regulation Is The Way Forward

The internet dominates the world we live in, from the way we communicate with each other to the way we now think about things. With the abundance of smart phones and tablets, teenagers as well as young children could potentially have unlimited access to the internet. While not all that can be found on the internet is bad, some parts of it are definitely not appropriate for young children and sometimes even teens.

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London Zoo Live Stream

Otterly Adorable

If you love exotic animals but don't have the money to see them in the wild or the time to go to the zoo, the London Zoo may have found a great solution to your problem. They now live stream their animal enclosures, so you can enjoy 24 hour coverage of  your favourite animals without moving from behind your computer.

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