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Facebook Testing New App 'Moments'

Sharing To Get Easier And More Private

One of the criticisms lobbied most consistently against Facebook is the complicated nature of its privacy settings. No matter how many tweaks the site’s algorithm goes through, choosing who can see what you upload is frustratingly difficult. It’s nigh-on impossible to select only those on your friends list who’d appreciate that link to TheFappening your uni mates should see – it’s why my auntie won’t look me in the eye anymore.

Fortunately, a new standalone app from Facebook HQ might be about to fix that. Codenamed ‘Moments’, the app has been described in some detail in an article on TechCrunch. Apparently, the app features a series of tiles aligned in a grid. Each square on the grid represents a different set of friends or family, so when you click it will only share whatever you post with that set of people. Naturally, this process will be much faster than fiddling with your privacy settings on a post-by-post basis.
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Egypt Is Using Social Media To Spy On Egyptians

Turning The Tools Of Revolution Against The People

We all remember the Arab Spring that started in Egypt 2010 and spread around the Arab world thanks to social media.  There were other factors in the Arab Spring revolts but the important role that social media played cannot be denied - so important that the Egyptian government at the time tried to cut off their country's internet access. Social media was used to spread awareness and organize protests and it was a success. Many dictatorships were overturned for more democratic governments.

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How To Successfully Build A Facebook Page By Facebook Media

Site Addresses Organic Reach Concerns

Facebook has received a lot of criticism recently about the organic reach of its pages. The reason behind this backlash is that individuals are increasingly failing to engage with brands via Facebook. It has recently come to light that when you post on Facebook, your post is only going to reach about 16% of the people who liked your page. Facebook blames the increasing number of posts each day, which make it harder for any story, by individuals or by brands, to gain exposure on news feed. Up until now Facebook had not done anything, only giving out excuses and apologies, to increase its organic reach.

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Instagram To Roll Out Adverts To UK Users

How Do You Like Your Pictures of Toast in the Morning? I Like Mine With a Corporate Message

Bad news if you’re an Instagram user: you’re an Instagram user. But it’s about to get even worse. Over the next few days, Instagram’s people will oversee an update which will bring ads to its UK users.

Adverts have traditionally been suspiciously absent from the site - which attracts 200 million poor souls every month - and ever since the Facebook takeover in 2012, it’s seemed inevitable that users would eventually have to suffer corporate sponsorship during their daily fun-filled browse of cats, eating full English breakfasts, and full English breakfasts being eaten by cats.
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Twitter Trying To Attract New Users

Site Becoming More Welcoming To First-Timers

Twitter is forever trying to compete with Facebook, the latter with 1.23 billion monthly active users whereas Twitter currently 'only' has 271 million. In an attempt to try and attract even more, Twitter has recently tweaked a few things.

A few months ago, all Twitter users discovered that their profiles had changed and looked a bit familiar. Very familiar even. Twitter's new profile looked a lot like a Facebook profile page. Twitter added a huge banner at the top of your profile page that looked a lot like Facebook's cover photo, and it worked in the same way: the Twitter user could choose any photo to put there in addition to their profile picture. This however, was not enough to attract more users, and so Twitter had to resort to other means.

What has changed?

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Xpire Turns All Social Media Ephemeral

The Freedom To Post Without Fear

Ephemerality is the big social media buzz-word at the moment. With Snapchat being valued at $10 billion, and Facebook and Instagram both launching their own versions of the self-destructing photo and text messaging app, it’s clear that as much as people love having something to say, they don’t want it hanging around forever.

Until now, you’ve had to rely on Snapchat (or Slingshot or Bolt, if you’ve got to be a special snowflake or work for Facebook) for all your disappearing messaging needs. Jesse Stauffer’s new app Xpire is looking to change that.

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PopKey Replaces Your Keyboard With Animated Pictures

Something’s Gotta Gif

The English language is in a constant state of evolution. As regularly as clockwork, new words are invented, fresh colloquialisms are introduced and new idioms emerge from humanity’s hive-mind. Our lexis adapts notoriously quickly - it’s why no-one reads Shakespeare nowadays. But words is difficult. Language are hard. And what’s the point in grammar, anyway; I've never used a grammar in my life, and I've turned out just fine.

Thankfully, thanks to new iPhone app PopKey, the art of conversation will soon die. The introvert shall finally inherit the Earth, and those who’ve been wasting their lives bothering to actually talk to each-other will probably feel a little bit silly. That's because PopKey will replace your keyboard with gifs. Millions and millions of animated gifs.