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Social Media Crackdown In Response To IS Video

Barbaric Nature of Beheading Video Calls For Strict Online Monitoring

The stomach-turning video released by IS, showing a member of the extremist group beheading American journalist James Foley, has triggered abhorrence and upset throughout communities the world over. As ever, social media networks offer a thorough portfolio of responses to the disturbing video, with Twitter users calling for an #ISISmediaBlackout.
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Facebook And Twitter Present Two Faces Of News

A Bucket Of Cold Water For Those Seeking Real News

Despite various updates over the last few years making the two sites appear ever more similar to one another, there are still some fundamental differences between Twitter and Facebook which become apparent at certain junctures.

Just such a divide has become clear in recent days following the arrival of two very different news stories: the protests and police action in Ferguson, Missouri, and the ALS ice bucket challenge being undertaken by a number of celebrities as well as many members of the public.

The story in Ferguson has dominated Twitter, with many first hand reports coming through the platform as police crack down on media presence in the town and citizens as well as reporters add their view of events as they transpire.

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LinkedIn As The Next Marketing Trump?

Top Content Marketers Call On LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not appear to be your average social network (there’s a distinct lack of holiday snaps and ice bucket challenges), and sure, this comes from the site’s professional recruitment background; however, marked changes have been rolling in over the last few months which set LinkedIn up for a move into something beyond just a recruiting tool and into the realm of social and marketing.

There’s been a push for content and publishing, focused around its dedicated news service LinkedIn Today. The folk at Collective Content, a UK based content marketing agency, have been looking closely at the growing importance of LinkedIn as a marketing channel.

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Twitter Introduces Bonus Features For Verified Users

Life Gets Easier For Celebrities

For those power-users of Twitter, those who long to be real big players on the site, the blue badge of verification is a much sought-after token. Originally instituted to identify the real accounts of celebrities and public figures from fake or parody accounts, it now acts like something of a velvet rope on the micro-blogging site. Figures like Rob Delaney, a comedian who earned legions of fans through his scatological 140 character humour, is a verified figure despite having a relatively minor (although growing) presence offline.

Verified users already get a few special features from Twitter, including the ability to toggle their notifications feed to show only other verified accounts. As of last week, they just gained two more privileges: an alert when another verified user follows them, and the option to view only verified followers in their stream (the latter feature only on iOS for now).

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YouTube Introduces Premium Subscription Service

YouTube Music Key Shifts Focus Away From Video

There are two ways internet business can make money these days. The first, and oldest, is adverts. A popular app or website is valuable because lots of people are looking at it, and plenty of companies will pay to have some of those eyes on them. The second way is through subscription: pay a certain amount per month for access to content. The biggest examples of the latter are services like Spotify and Netflix, although we are now seeing traditional media outlets like newspapers move their content online and shift to a subscription-based service.

Google made a little over $50 billion last year through advertising revenue, so clearly that model is still a viable one for the company. Increasingly, however, the profitability of advertising is becoming less and less apparent. People are becoming immune to internet advertising, and so it is the second method of subscription which is gaining more traction.

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Facebook Argentina Implements Gender Friendly Options

LGBTQ  Social Activism On social Media

Last week marked another major victory for those campaigning for LGBTQ equality rights in Argentina. For a nation with a devout and active Catholic sector, the South American country is one of the most acclaimed for its regional leadership in promoting civil rights, and has taken to the social media arena to continue to change conservative perceptions of gender.

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New App Brings The Neighbourhood To Your Phone

Nextdoor Makes Social Networking Local

It has been stated often enough to become a truism that social media is shrinking our world. Now we can maintain good friendships with people halfway across the planet, do business as the sun sets in one market and rises in another, and get updated on our family’s holidays in real time. In many senses this is a good thing – our lives and experiences are no longer restricted by the happenstance of geography.

One new app, however, is breaking with this trend and using social media to go local – and people are going with it. Nextdoor is the anti-global social network, an app which connects people living in the same neighbourhood but who in today’s increasingly fractured society never got to know their neighbours. Signing up requires a proof of address, and messages posted on the app can only be seen by those in the immediate area.

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