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Reddit Introduces Real Time Updates With Reddit Live

Breaking News As It Happens, And Probably Cats Too

Reddit has introduced a new feature, Reddit Live, which will allow users to create threads with the capacity for real time updates and comments. Comments and edits will appear without users having to refresh the page, and contributors will not be restricted in the frequency or volume of their comments, as is currently the case with standard threads.

reddit live

Social Media Giants Release Employee Gender Figures

Twitter In Last Place For Gender Equality

Following the publishing of similar statistics by Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter recently maybe publicly available figures related to the demographics workforce – and they make for somewhat embarrassing reading for anyone with even a pretence for supporting gender equality in the social media economy.

social media and genders

Facebook Finalises Acquisition Of Virtual Reality Company Oculus

Zuckerberg Sees Future In Virtual Reality Headset

Facebook has finalised their acquisition of Oculus Rift, the virtual reality start-up. The social media giant declared the intended deal in April, but it has taken some months for the deal to be completed. The eventual price for Oculus Rift was $1.6 billion in Facebook stocks and shares, and a further $400 million in cash.

facebook acquisitions

Facebook Announces Growth In Profits

Zuckerberg Uses Record Revenue To Invest In The Future

Facebook announced its earnings for the second quarter of this year, recording an astonishing  138% rise in profits. Their revenue grew to $2.91 billion, with expenses of $1.52 billion – a net income of $791 million.

The source of this growth is particularly of interest, considering the ways in various social media platforms have been moving towards diversifying their revenue streams in recent months – Facebook included.

facebook acquisitions


Social Media Documentary A Sign Of The Times

Channel 4 takes TV to a new low

In order to create narrative in the year 2014 social media must be taken into account as it plays such a massive part in the lives of most people. Channel 4 have recognised the need for social media in modern day narrative, and have created a documentary called The Secret Life of Students.

social media and tv

Google Rescinds Real Name Requirement

I Am @Spartacus

Google has announced that Google+ users will no longer be obliged to attach their real names to their accounts, and concurrently YouTube commenters will once again have the option of posting their thoughts and opinions anonymously on the video sharing site.

google identity

Social Media Marketing Tips: Facebook

How to market on Facebook

The introduction of a ‘Buy’ button to Facebook is transforming the site into a retail store with millions of daily visitors, as users can make purchases directly from ads without having to leave the social network. This also means that it’s as good a time as ever to get your business marketed on Facebook.

facebook marketing